Friday, August 28, 2009


Sometimes you really aren't surprised by someone's statement. A colleague was strutting his stuff (or at least trying to) to one of the junior programmers and stated, "Would you believe I was a self taught programmer?" My first thought was to shout YES BECAUSE YOU ARE A CRAPPY, SLOPPY, SLOB OF A PROGRAMMER!! But I wisely kept my mouth shut while he continued on, "Yea I went to school, and by the end I was teaching the professor stuff." This does not surprise me, that he thought he was teaching something to the professor, he has that high an opinion of himself. I had heard enough, and interrupted with work, interestingly enough to go over one of his 'improvements' that I needed to rebuild from scratch to extend the functionality of. To me, he will always be a stray cat and this was just another of his rodent's I was having to clean up.


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