Monday, March 02, 2009

Setting an example - NOT!

Last week the HR department introduced a mandatory on-line sexual harassment training session. As someone who was laid off because he complained about the quality of work of a peer to his supervisor, only to find out later that the two of them were having an affair, and because some people are, well, asses, I understand the need for this sort of training. However, my supervisor managed to undermine (and really reduce his credibility) of it by quite loudly complaining that he, "couldn't figure out a way to cheat the training to get it over quicker." Yes, he is someone who will take short-cuts, but I really don't think he understood that he was undercutting the value of the training to everyone within earshot of him, and anyone they repeated it to. Plus, you have to ask, he is a supervisor at the company and he feels it is ok to "cheat" (his word) on on-line training, what else is it ok to cheat on and is that how you get ahead in the company?


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