Saturday, January 05, 2008

Backups are you friend . . .

Well, for the first time in since I originally bought my computer, it crashed with a disk error. I own a somewhat abused PowerMac G5. Aside from problems when it was first purchased (and repaired by Apple), it has been a trouble free system. Last weekend, I updated it to the current OS 10.5.1 with no problems. However, on Wednesday it crashed very hard with a disk error that is not recoverable (invalid key length) and required the partition to be erased and the os re-installed. The only saving grace is that I frequently (every couple of days) backup the 'Users' portion of my computer which contains all of my data and preference settings. The bad news is that the last full backup I had was just prior to the upgrade. In retrospect, I should have started with that full backup, then applied all of the data backups and moved on. Instead, I started fresh with a new 10.5.1 install, restored all of my user data, and have been slowly installing each of my applications. After about 20 hours of working on this, it is now Saturday night and I am about half way done. I have no idea what caused the disk error, but I know I had older software on that system and my guess is one of those programs or underlying system installs caused my issue.


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