Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When will they get it??

I just have to ask, when will the TV executives get it? They take really good shows that have a broad appeal, then schedule them at 10 PM at night. I am a well paid intelligent person, and I get into bed around 10:15 at night so I can get up in the morning and earn my living. I can't fudge my way through the day on 6 hours of sleep. I'm not alone. Really good shows, and I'll use Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip as a case in point, get clobbered time and again in the 10 PM slot. Yet if you look at the ratings, you will find Studio 60 always did better in the Chicago market (as a percentage of viewers) as opposed to NY or LA. Why, because in Chicago, it airs at 9PM Central Time. Hey NBC WAKE UP!! Why not schedule this on Monday: 8:00 Deal or No Deal, 9:00 Studio 60, 10:00 The Black Donnellys. What do they do instead: 8:00 Deal or No Deal (Repeat), 9:00 Deal or No Deal (1st airing), 10:00 The Black Donnellys. I'll bet there is a good overlap between Deal and Studio 60, and a fair overlap between Studio 60 and Donnellys, but I know there is NO overlap between Deal and Donnelley's. But I'm just an average computer programmer, not a studio executive pulling in 6 or 7 figures.


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