Saturday, March 10, 2007

Uh what?

Also in Saturday's UnionTribune was a short item in the Nation Update section. I can not get a link, but it is an update about, "three girls were suspended after they used the word "vagina" while reciting the play." The quote is a direct one from the paper, and to me it reads that they recited the whole play. What was the title of the play you ask, the next paragraph reads, "Eve Ensler, who wrote "The Vagina Monologues" has accepted . . . " and my mind just plain old locked up. Then I started laughing, hard! I have (and I am a Man) experienced (or maybe been subjected to) the live play. Trust me, the least offensive word (taken out of context) in the play is "vagina". I was sitting there trying to figure out how someone could only object to the word vagina, when just for starters there is an entire section for other names for a coochie. So I really couldn't understand this short update, it is maybe 4 column inches total and is credited to the Associated Press. Proving context is everything, the Journal News has a much better description, in which it states they were only reading a section of the play, and one of the mildest ones at that. After reading the Journal article it made more sense, but what jack-ass of a school administrator objected to the word. I can see not wanting it to be used out of context, but they read straight from the script. The play is definitely in your face feminism, and has some VERY adult sections, but the one section that they read what word would that stupid school administrator like to have seen used? Beyond that, we get into the whole censorship question and what is appropriate for minors, which is something I'll let others tackle. But I still have this vision of three girls going through the monologs and afterward someone (with a bow tie, nasal voice, and wagging a finger) saying, "you shouldn't have used the word "vagina". I am going to have to suspend you now." Finally, I just have to ask, is Bob really that unusual these days?


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