Friday, February 16, 2007

Acing a job interview

So two weeks ago I had a job interview with a software company here in town. This was not the one I had the little rant about ("Great job interview - lousy wait) previously. When their recruiter called early in that week to setup the interview, I was surprised to hear back from him as I had met with him very briefly at a local job fair and he didn't seem very interested in talking to me. So I went in to a 3 on one interview, with two managers and one director, and thought I did very well. Apparently I did, because Monday I received a job offer and today I signed the written one. I haven't said a thing to anyone about this nor posted anything as I didn't want to jinx it, because I really want to work there. The company is a well established specialized software firm with over 400 clients in a business area that is in a steady growth phase. I haven't stated their name or particulars and I wont due to the confidentiality agreement I have signed with them. Best of all, because of the position I will be in, for the first time in 20 years I will not be on-call for support. Of all the things I am looking forward to that is the biggest. I have been paged in every conceivable circumstance (for those of you whose mind is in the gutter, yes even while doing it.) So yea for me! And we got a West Wing Fantasy 8 episode this week so it was a winner all the way around!

Oh for those of you who are starting a job search, try reading "The Ultimate Job Search" by Richard H Beatty. It helped in focusing my efforts and I ended up doing 5 interviews in the last 4 weeks, mostly because of the book. Now I'm a programmer, so its techniques worked for me but may not for you. I also had my resume reviewed by a number of different technical recruiters to get it formatted with the information they want to see readily available. The interviewing chapters of the book also definitely worked for me, and I always left them feeling that I had put my best foot forward. If you read it and don't think it is appropriate for your job search, read different job search book(s) until you find one that works for you.


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