Monday, February 12, 2007

I had a plan . . .

You know I had a nice Sunday planned. I got up, posted my thing on AMS, made it to the gym, came back and took a shower. I turned off the water and heard this faint spraying sound. The bad news is I had a water leak from a bad solder joint in the wall. It took the entire day to fix (open wall behind shower, blow out the pipe, cut-out/de-solder the bad joint, solder in a replacement) and left me with the requisite scraped knuckles. Today, of course, I had a job interview for a mid-level programmers position today. Of course the interviewer noticed my knuckles and commented on them. When I told him what happened, he commented that he would never "do it himself". For some reason, the rest of the interview didn't go very well, with him attacking everything I said. Not a lot of fun. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have liked working for him anyway.


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