Monday, May 14, 2007

Thoughts on Network Programming for NBC

Hey NBC, here's a real winner of an idea. Now that you have dropped Studio 60, blown off the Black Donnely's, and had a real Wedding crash, here is what you can do to fill in the 10 PM slot on Monday. Take one of your lagging shows, say one with a "real expensive" cast that you are not thrilled with, and instead of showing one night a week at 10 PM (following another show cut from the same cloth, just cheaper) run it 2 nights a week! Hey and on the first night trim out 2 minutes so, you know, people will watch it both nights to see what they missed!! Of couse, not everyone will do that, so some people are going to stop watching it on Tuesday and it will fall in the ratings. But of course, if you add the two showings together, it should be good. Now of course, you have to remember that Neilsen wont be adding that up and will list the 2 showings independent of each other, and most journalists will report that the show fell in the raitings. Just giving you a heads up on that point.

I don't know, I think sarcasam comes across just fine over the internet.


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