Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation Brain Mush - Reversed!

Have you ever gone on vacation, and when you come back to work, you feel as if your brain has turned to mush because you just can't remember stuff? Well Monday was my first day back at work after a week off, and my brain was just fine today, but my co-worker's brains seem to have turned to mush in my absence. I am in the lowest position in my department, a Software Engineer 1. Before I left, I completed a project and submitted it for peer review. It is complex enough that an SE 2 and 2 SE 3's were asked to review it. The meeting was suppose to be today, but the SE 2 hadn't started the review as of this morning, one of the SE 3's is out of the office for the week and sent an e-mail stating he didn't get it reviewed before he left, and the other SE 3 started reviewing it on Friday and wasn't ready either. They were told to plan on the review taking 8-12 hours to complete, but all three blew it off. Also, the SE 2 coding to the my design on another project hit some problems last week and "couldn't solve them." So I spent the morning with him, and one of the problems was a one line coding error that took 15 minutes to find and the other was a pre-existing issue that he "thinks" he tested for last week, but one I was able to duplicate in the current software in 5 minutes. This stuff sat for 4 days for no good reason. Finally, I was asked to peer review someone else's code. After spending 3 hours on it, I found twice as many issues as the SE 2 and SE 3 combined who reviewed it last week. It is like all of their brains just turned to mush while I was gone. Again, I'm the lowest person on the totem pole, so there is no reason my vacation should turn them all into lazy idiots, but I guess it did.


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