Friday, September 22, 2006

It's back - almost

So last Friday I received my replacement motherboard from Beta Computers for my PowerMac 9600. I open the box and what do I find, a PowerMac 9500 (Five!) motherboard not the Mach V I ordered, and unfortunately they are not interchangeable between cases. A phone call and email later and they admitted shipping the wrong part. So I ship that back and today (Friday) I did receive the correct board. An hour of work to swap it out, a press of the power button, it started, chimed, the video came up (it didn't do this before), it sat for a few minutes checking memory, and booted! The first thing I did was run an intensive memory check, which promptly bombed, so now I'm doing the pull some DIMMs, run the check, pull more if it fails, get a good check, move the good modules to the high and low banks to allow testing of the old high and low banks, add them back one pair at a time until it fails, throw the last added set out, repeat until all spare DIMMs are exhausted, process.

but - it's alive! Yes!


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