Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Floyd, how could you?

If you follow sports or cycling, you know what I'm talking about here. If not, you aren't interested. I have found a good detailed post on the testing of Testosterone from July 27th and its follow-up from August 1st. For now, I am going to assume the testing process was legitimate and Floyd did in fact use something. In all of that has been said about this, very few have asked "Why Testosterone?" As has been pointed out, using it for a single day's boost makes no sense. So, assuming it is true, then Floyd has been using it all along and had been masking it, possibly by boosting his levels of epitestosterone to put the ratio of the two into balance. Unfortunately, for Floyd, on the day he made his breakaway and won the stage his ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone was off. Since he won the stage he was tested, along with the wearer of the maillot jaune and three random riders. He just got unlucky the day he won the stage, but did manage to get it right the 5 or 6 days he was in yellow.

Makes perfect sense.



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