Saturday, August 05, 2006

Smiling on Thursday

So why was I smiling while being escorted out of the building on Thursday morning? Yes, I was just laid off, and I was smiling! The reason is pretty simple, I was tired of working nights, I have been job hunting anyway, and now I get all my accumulated vacation, a severance payment, and outplacement support. The total money works out to about 10 weeks pay which is good for me. But mostly I realized I was looking forward to sleeping nights and being up days. And for the last few days, that is what I’ve enjoyed doing. Until today, I hadn’t realized just how tired and wrung out I have been for the last few months. I setup this Blog with the intent of just occasionally commenting on goings on in the world. I haven’t posted because I simply haven’t had the enthusiasm to do it. Too bad, you missed a couple of good ones along the way. At some point I might go back to those thoughts and share them. Going forward, my one thought is ‘Floyd, how could you?”


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