Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And the luck just continues . . .

Well my luck seems consistent recently. On Monday I finished up everything I needed and wanted to get done. So I sit down at my play computer (a PowerMac 9600) press the keyboard power button and nothing happens. I poke around and find the Belkin UPS has shut itself off and wont turn on. So I plugged the computer into a surge suppressor, pressed the power button and those nice startup chimes sounded, then nothing else happened. The hard drives spin up and calibrate but are not accessed, pressing Ctl-Cmd-Pwr causes a reboot, the screen briefly receives a video signal on boot/reboot but nothing is displayed. After 2 days the computer is still dead. I've tried the things I know (new PRAM battery, PMU reset, pull battery for an hour, reseating the CPU card, and pulling memory) all with no change. I'll pull the motherboard tonight and clean it and go from there. Since I'’m job hunting right now, I don'’t have time for this and I could use a little interactive relaxation (Descent or Tomb Raider custom levels in OS 9) to release the stress on.

At least my cleaned G5 has had no issues from its recent encounter with soda.


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