Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why show up on time when you can delegate?

My work environment and my direct supervisor are both supreme de-motivators. Case in point, we have a daily stand-up meeting at 9:30 in the morning with the "Small Projects" team. The problem is that my supervisor is rarely in on-time. We are the corporate head quarters of a software company located in San Diego California, which means most of our clients are 1 to 3 hours ahead of us. Most of support is in at 6:00 AM, and development (our department) at 7:30 with me being the lazy one arriving around 8:30. My supervisor is in on-time for the 9:30 meeting 1 day a week at most. The problem this causes is that the cleaning crew locks all of the office doors, which means we can't hold the meeting in his office. His solution to this? Not to show up on time, but instead have his office key duplicated and given to someone else who is here on time in the mornings. Yep, me. Gaaaaa!


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